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Thomas Tscherne Photography

Thomas Erich Tscherne is a photo- and videographer from the beautiful town of Bad Gastein, in the Austrian alps. Already as a little child he was fascinated by wildlife and nature and drawn into it. So it was only clear that he went to study forestry, wildlife and agriculture engineering. During this period, his passion and perfectionism for photography and filming was exposed by the Red Bull Media house, which made it possible to make a living out of filming and documenting wild red deers in the Austrian alps. After having seen most of the Austrian alps, at the age of 20, he decided to get to know the Andes mountain range in Patagonia, Argentina. Since then, mostly living in Patagonia, with nature always present in his life, he found his way into this wild and indominated world,where his work now brings the inspiration as an intermediary from nature to the audience, by transforming the gaze, the immense respect and the fascination into emotion.

Thomas Tscherne Photography

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